The Flash Bag is a Camera Bag with a Reflector Built Right In

The Flash Bag is a Camera Bag with a Reflector Built Right In

  • 2016-10-02
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If you’re not careful, photography can become a black hole of never-ending accessories and camera gear that you can never escape. You don’t always need to bring along an entire studio’s worth of gear to get a great shot, and Betabrand is making it even easier to travel light with a new camera bag featuring a reflector built right in.

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Is a reflector a perfect substitute for a well-placed flash when trying to snap photos of a poorly lit subject? Definitely not. But opening the Flash Bag reveals a foil print under the flap that will help you redirect some additional light onto whatever you’ve got in frame.

You don’t necessarily have to use it with a fancy DSLR, either. The bag can be just as useful at improving the quality of the Instagram-bound dinner photos you’re snapping with your smartphone. It’s also useful for carrying stuff, with eight pockets inside that can be further compartmentalized using velcro dividers, enough room to hold a 15-inch laptop, and a water-resistant fabric on the outside to keep everything dry.

The bag is being realized through Betabrand’s own crowdfunding system, with a possible delivery of sometime in December assuming it reaches its funding goal. You can help it along, and pre-order the Flash Bag for yourself with a contribution of around $80. Just keep telling yourself you can justify as the last piece of camera gear you need to buy—at least for this week.

[Betabrand via PetaPixel]

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