Twitter read receipts added to Direct Messages

Twitter read receipts added to Direct Messages

  • 2016-09-08
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Twitter is giving Direct Messages a big boost today… or an annoying feature, depending who you ask.

New! Direct Messages are more dynamic than ever with read receipts, typing indicators, and web link previews.

— Twitter (@twitter) September 8, 2016

Mainly, Direct Messages can now show read receipts on your messages. While I’m a fan of read receipts – it’s 2016, after all – some users would rather not be accountable for having read a message and not yet responded.

But Twitter is trying to position DMs as a full fledged messenger. It’s adding typing indicators and rich link previews today too, and it’s hard to imagine a modern messenger without read receipts.

On the other hand, its use might be a bit more questionable here, given Twitter’s highly public nature; I’m okay with my friends and family knowing if I’ve read a message, but might not be so cool with the random people who pitch stories at me knowing the same.

Update: Thankfully, you can disable them if you want:

enter image description here

In other news, Periscope is getting a small feature update too. You can now see when someone you follow joins your broadcast:

See who’s watching live! Now you can see when people you follow join your broadcast 👋

— Periscope (@periscopeco) September 8, 2016

So now you can feel all warm and fuzzy inside next time a celebrity joins your Periscope feed.

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